10 Habits to Stop Having

KCI Community,

I’m not sure about you but I’m a huge fan of podcasts.  They are a great way to learn new things, reinforce good habits, and deepen your expertise.  One of my regular podcasts is Chasing Excellence by Ben Bergeron.  He is a prolific CrossFit Coach and Affiliate Owner.  I think he has a lot of good knowledge to share, even if you don’t CrossFit.

I encourage you to listen to a recent podcast of his regarding habits, and specifically habits to NOT do.  Whether or not you agree with all of his suggestions, you get a sense that he lives by a clear set of principles and guidelines.  Below are my notes I took while listening to the podcast (so the text below is my interpretation and not his words)  I encourage you to listen to the full podcast by clicking the link below and taking your own notes.


10 Habits You Should Stop Having: Ben Bergeron


Here are my notes:

Don’t hit the snooze button.  By hitting snooze, you are procrastinating the very first task of the day: simply wake up.  What are the actual sleep benefits of 9 more minutes in bed?  Negligible.  Set the alarm for the time you actually want to wake up, and hold yourself accountable.

Don’t get mad in traffic.  You can’t control it, so don’t let it make you angry.

Don’t show up late.  Your time is just as valuable as everyone else’s, and showing up on time sends the message that you value others’ time as much as yours. (Always makes me think of Fast Times @ Ridgemont High…Spicoli)

Don’t tolerate gossip.  Gossip erodes trustworthiness.

Don’t watch the “news”.  Politics, Hollywood, social media, etc.  These are all forms of entertainment and their job is to grab and hold onto your attention.  There are far more productive things you can spend your time on than the “news”.

Don’t pass judgement, don’t criticize.  Let’s not pretend that we have all the answers, because we don’t.

Don’t eat and scroll (on your phone) if you’re with others.  If you are looking at your phone, you are sending the message that what’s on the phone is more important than the other person.

Don’t look at email before lunch.  Put the most important things first.  Email (for many of us) can be a major distraction.   For heaven’s sake, don’t wake up and check email first thing.

Don’t leave dishes in the sink.  Stay uncluttered and finish what you started.

Don’t wait for perfect.  “Jump and grow wings on the way down.”  The first iPhone didn’t even have a calculator.  Just go and do it!

What is CrossFit all about anyway? I’m glad you asked!

At surface level, CrossFit is confusing.  Will I get injured?  Do I have to be fit like the people I see on TV?  Can I lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks?  What’s the deal with all the weightlifting?  

If we can slow down and look at the roots of CrossFit and understand it, maybe CrossFit will make more sense.  Then we should be able to understand our own fitness goals, and see how CrossFit might actually be the tool we need to use.  Let’s first, 1) Take a look at CrossFit for what it is.  And then, 2) Let’s stand on common  ground as to why the majority of people do CrossFit.  . 

By definition, CrossFit is: Constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity.  It’s aim is to increase work capacity over broad time and modal domains.  Here are two great articles describing these concepts in detail by CrossFit founder, Greg Glassman.  What is Fitness and CrossFit Foundations

What does all that mean, really?  It means that the goal of a CrossFit training program is to be able to do a multitude of activities, for different amounts of time, regardless of your age.  A CrossFit training program combines a variety of functional movement patterns, performing them at high intensity, to achieve the goal stated above.  Sounds pretty straightforward, right?  

You see, CrossFit differs from other fitness programs.  CrossFit doesn’t tout that you can “burn 500 calories” per workout, or “shed 2% body fat in 2 days” or really any other silly gimmick.  You won’t hear that, because those aren’t the goals of CrossFit (remember: increase work capacity over broad time and modal domains).  Sure you’ll burn calories.  And probably shed body fat too.  But in CrossFit, the program is much more focused on the long term, rather than short term goals.  

Have you ever thought about being active in a fitness routine for the rest of your life?  Or have you thought to yourself, “I need to start working out so I can lose 10 pounds”  But then what?  What happens when you lose the 10 pounds?  Do you stop working out?  Are you “fit” then?  Quit your gym membership because you’ve arrived at perfection?  Hopefully not.  See, CrossFit comes at the whole “fitness” thing from a different angle.  And it’s really hard to wrap your head around it.  A fitness routine for the rest of my life?  Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.  Being “fit” for the rest of your life sounds crazy, but should it be?  

There are a few things you will do for the rest of your life with regularity.  And each of those things will affect the quality and duration of the rest of your life.  Eat, sleep, interact with people, and exercise.  How you eat on a regular basis will affect your entire life.  The quality and amount of sleep will affect your entire life.  The quality of your relationships will affect the quality and duration of your life.  And your relative activity level (aka fitness) will affect the quality and duration of your life.  Mull that over for a little bit.  It’s all true, and there is research to back it up.  That’s why we strive to control those components – so we can have some control over our lives. 

So that brings us to the second point from earlier.  Why do most people do CrossFit then?  

To…..Get in shape?  Lose weight?  Get stronger? Do a pull up?  Really, at the core of these so-called “goals” are a couple components  that CrossFit athletes really understand.

Common CrossFit Myths Debunked

People do CrossFit to look better naked.  You can laugh, [and I did too when I wrote it]  But that’s because it’s true.  I don’t care how old you are, you want to like who you see in the mirror.  It’s true.  Call it vanity, but I’d bet that every time you look in the mirror you are analyzing, to some degree, how good you look.  So, dare to say, that’s part of our human nature.  We want to look good naked.  (aka.. get in shape, lose 10 pounds, tone muscles, get stronger, bulk up, or whatever else you want)

Secondly people do CrossFit for General Physical Preparedness.  Specifically, that means that people want to be prepared or capable to do a wide variety of things.  Play with your kids.  Participate in a sport.  Do well in your job.  Go on an adventure.  All of these require some amount of physical fitness, regardless of your age!  The guy that is bed-ridden by morbid obesity can’t do these things.  And that’s why people love CrossFit.  It helps you be prepared to do stuff!  


So there you have it.  CrossFit is a training program that can be done for life, to prepare you for life, and will help you look good along the way!

I’m sick and still improving my fitness

Let’s face it.  “Sick” happens, even to CrossFitters. You can be spot on with your diet, consistent in the box,  and hydrated, but still get sick – especially this time of year! 

So, what’s the right thing to do when sick? Here’s what not to do. 

1) Don’t train hard, pretending you aren’t sick.  

2) Don’t completely give up on your fitness.  You can actually use your sick time to move your fitness forward.  

Let’s address #2 from above.  Use your sick time to get better.  What do I mean? “REST and MOBILIZE”.  Most people don’t want to leave the house when sickness strikes, and I know that feeling!  However, if you can leave the house, use this forced “down time” to work on mobility during your usual class time.  If you are contagious, don’t come to the gym obviously.  But even if you have a fever and are contagious, you can mobilize at home!  

If you are stuck at home, I recommend trying to keep your routine as much as possible.  If you come to a morning class, use that same time at home to stretch and mobilize. Heck, you could even do air squats, sit ups, and push ups if you feel good enough!  Keeping your normal “routine” during your sick-time will help you get back into the gym once you are better.  If you aren’t contagious and want to come to the gym, you should do that! 

Coming in for a 30 – 45 minute stretching and mobility session will allow you to focus on problem areas. Tight shoulders, calves or hips? Foam Roll, voodoo band, and stretch your problem areas. This will make you move better and more fluidly than before; and your future self will thank you for it. Feel like you need to get your heart pumping a little bit? Hop on a bike for a few minutes, just don’t go overboard with it.

Don’t stress about not working out while sick; you’re resting, you’re working your mobility, and you will be back at it in a few days.

If you view your illness as an opportunity to work on quality movement, you may surprise yourself with better technique and speed when you come back. Remember, CrossFit isn’t just about intense workouts.  You also need to move well!

Until next time – stay healthy, and train hard!

5 Realizations from 7 months of CrossFit

 “I started CrossFit last September.  I’ve learned a few things along the way.”

1. It’s not what I thought it was. I thought it would be bad for my knees and hard on my shoulders. I’m more mobile and flexible now. I thought there would be big sweaty brainless jocks grunting through the gym. CrossFit is for normal people. 
2. It’s good for my brain. Every single workout is different and I love the variety. My coach has patiently broken down all the movements and scaled back to my ability and strength level. There’s alot of terminology to learn and I’m doing work I never thought I’d be capable of a year ago. 
3. It’s good to feel vulnerable because through effort and persistence there is growth. I had to shed my “I’ve been active all my life and I know alot about working out” attitude and get busy learning something totally new. It made me realize that I might need to get better at other things in my life I thought I was good at. I realized I like learning and growing and becoming better at something. 
4. It’s hard- really hard. But so very rewarding. 
5. I’ve only scratched the surface of what I’m capable of doing. I have a long way to go but I’m excited to get to work. 
The point of all this is that my gym, KCI CrossFit, is offering free classes to moms all this week in honor of Mother’s Day. Please join me for a class this week and check it out for yourself!

CrossFit for Weight Loss

CrossFit is a wonderful thing:  functional movement, constantly varied and performed at high intensity.  The concept is appealing to so many different types of people, and your box and daily WOD’s are a testament to it!  

So how exactly does the CrossFit model apply to so many different people and so many different goals, when at face value everyone in the box is doing the exact same workout? How can someone be losing weight while the person sweating right next to them is trying to gain weight?  The short answer, if you don’t want to continue reading: CrossFit can help you become the shape/size you were meant to be, but it isn’t a one-size-fits-all model.  There’s much more than meets the eye.  

You don’t have to troll the internet very long to read success stories about people losing a lot of weight by including CrossFit in their lives: HERE  The truth is, you CAN lose weight with CrossFit, and also gain strength, muscle, and look like you were designed to look!  There are a few things you need to remember if you are ready to try CrossFit to shed the weight. And, I’ll give you the key right away.  To quote Kelly Starrett, “Be patient with the process.  The process works all the time.  You just have to let it work.”

1 –  Nutrition is key.  The guy gaining weight and muscle?  He eats to gain.  (Ladies, you will NOT look big and bulky unless you EAT big and bulky).  If you want to lose weight you need to first understand what you are currently eating and it’s effects on you.  Then you need to let the math sink in that to lose pounds you need to burn more calories than you intake on a regular basis, over time.  All that is next is figuring out what foods are better than others for your dietary needs.  Every person is different and needs different ratios of proteins, carbs, and fats.  The key is to find out what you need and stick to it.  You may want to consult a nutritionist, or someone more versed in nutrition than you are.  Starting to track your intake and output will help you stay on track – and there are dozens of apps to help you do that easily.  You will not lose weight and keep it offlong term without dedicated focus to your nutrition.  Period.  Trust the process, and give it time to work.  

2 – Burning Calories.  CrossFit is notorious for burning calories – studies have shown up to 18 calories per minute in men.  If your main goal is to lose weight, let your coach know that.  Every workout can be modified to your ability level, and to potentially create the most calorie burn, in the safest way.  Also, be ready to put in some extra work.  No one said it’s an easy microwave recipe.  You may need to spend time before or after class doing extra work.  It boils down to how committed you are.  Taking 3 CrossFit classes per week might not be the key to weight loss.  You came in with a specific goal, and just because you thought you knew how to achieve the goal, doesn’t mean that is going to be the way to do it.  Trust the process, and trust your coaches.  

3 – Gaining muscle.  You will get stronger and gain muscle.  That is a fantastic thing!  Again, your nutrition will affect your muscle mass.  Muscles are sexy – in proper proportion.  With greater strength comes the ability to perform better – and that is also sexy.  Becoming stronger and increasing physical capacity makes you more competent and breeds confidence!  The great thing with CrossFit is that the workouts are designed around full body movements and functional fitness, meaning you will get stronger muscles in the areas that you need them.  Muscle weighs more than fat, so don’t freak out if during your weight loss journey you actually gain a couple pounds.  It’s part of the process, and should be expected.  The great news is that as you gain muscle, you will look leaner and have a healthier metabolism – meaning you will burn more calories throughout your day.  It’s a beautiful cycle.  

4 – Community Support.  A good CrossFit box has a solid community and working out with these people has many benefits for you.  Consistency and accountability are essential with every weight loss plan, and CrossFit gives you both.  Also, during group exercise people tend to work harder than they would on their own, encouraging each other to keep going and never quit.  Many people have ditched their personal trainer for CrossFit because it is more cost effective and because of the irreplaceable value of a community.  So, it’s time to reconsider just doing workouts in your garage or living room and join a box!   

5 – It takes time.  I’m sure you didn’t gain the weight overnight.  And it surely won’t come off overnight.  Sustained weight loss will take many months, if not a year or more, depending on where you are.  Give yourself some grace and trust the process.  You may not lose a two pounds a week for a year.  But, even if you lose 50 pounds in a year, that’s a huge accomplishment!  Let me emphasize the importance of nutrition again, as Greg Zuffelato, says, “The people that just do CrossFit and don’t have a nutrition plan do not lose weight.”  When they get serious with the CrossFit program their appetite goes into overdrive and without a proper plan they don’t see any sustained weight loss. They will see a small change in their body fat, but like any other exercise program, if proper nutrition is not part of the plan the results will be disappointing.”  

Still not convinced CrossFit is for you, or a good way to help you lose weight?  The only person you have to prove wrong is yourself.  And if you don’t try, then rest assured nothing will happen.   Or, have you already tried losing weight (with or without CrossFit) and haven’t seen results?  Here’s a good article to help you ask yourself some hard questions:  17 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

The worst thing you can do is stay stagnant and not try.  Get our there and do it.  And be patient with the process. 

Want to know what KCI CrossFit is doing to help athletes lose weight?  

Just Ask!  kcicrossfitters@gmail.com

Why are CrossFit gyms more expensive than traditional gyms?

Now that 2015 is in full swing, New Year’s resolutions are either fading or going strong.  Regardless, everyone is hopping for that better version of themselves in 2015.  In January, gym memberships spike!  Enrollment specials, three free months, personal training sessions, and other incentives are abundant in January.  

CrossFit is a little different.  You don’t find many enrollment specials or months of free memberships.  To add to that, membership are more expensive than most gyms.  This is a deterrent to many.  They aren’t sure what value they are going to get out of a CrossFit membership where they are paying two to three times what they pay at a traditional gym.

We get asked why we are more expensive than traditional gyms all the time!  This is a totally valid question if you are considering CrossFit.  The value you receive has to meet (or hopefully exceed) what you are paying each month.  

In this post, I want to answer this question for a lot of people that ask.  We hope that this sways you to give CrossFit a try, but we know it’s not for everyone.  I just want to make sure you know what is provided so you can make the best decision for yourself possible!

In general, all large commercial gyms operate on a pre-enrollment monthly membership model.  This means that a member signs a contract, for usually no less than a year.  Sometimes there are enrollment fees at sign-up, and other times they will waive these fees for long-term contracts as an inducement for you to enter into a long-term contract.  The idea to a rational consumer is that they are making a commitment, and, because they are paying each month, they want to get their money’s worth.  For the gym, this creates reliable revenue, regardless of whether the gym is actually used or not, or whether the member actually gets results!  They want you to get enough results to keep coming and come back, but not so much that you tear up the equipment. 

The funny thing is that fitness is like education:  for many, they will pay for it, but don’t really want to do it.  Remember back in college where you paid thousand a semester, but still skipped class?  You will pay for education, but you don’t always want education.  The same goes for fitness.  You can be a member, but never do anything and still FEEL like you did.  Our minds are crazy!

As many as  67% of people never show up at the gym! 

CrossFit affiliates, boot camps, cycling studios, and yoga studios actually rely on members to show up to pay their bills.  And, in addition, these businesses have a coach there to guide you through programming and make sure you are doing things properly so you don’t injure yourself.  These gyms must charge more because they provide more services, a specialized atmosphere, and can hold less people.  The space, instructors, and equipment or only part of the equation.  In the end, they must provide an experience that warrants the price tag.  

It should also be noted briefly that CrossFit gyms pay an affiliate licensing fee of around $3,000 per year currently.  This goes toward the initial and ongoing training of coaches.  And the training is damn good.

Now that we’ve talked a little about the business model and pricing structures, it is important to talk about what you are paying for.  There are five main things that you pay for when you go to a gym:  facilities, training services, programming, atmosphere, and community.

1.  Facilities and Equipment

Most traditional gyms are a sea of treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers, and strength training machines.  Small areas are reserved for free weights, and more and more gyms are getting rid of barbells (because people who have no idea what they are doing are hurting themselves and insurance rates are going way up!).  They goal is to fill the gym with equipment that people can use without instruction.  Most of the equipment have placards that show you step by step how to work the machine.  There may also be additional amenities such as showers, a pool, and childcare which results in higher membership fees, plus additional fees that you might incur.

In a CrossFit affiliate, you will walk in and find no treadmills or ellipticals.  It will look significantly different than any gym you’ve ever experienced before.  It is stripped down to the bare necessities for strength and conditioning programs, then we build from there.  In other words, the focus is on the training and the results instead of the amenities.  The actual workouts are emphasized above all else.  There is a program that members follow.  The programming is designed to provide maximum results in the least amount of time.  Coaches make sure that the program is structured so to reduce the likelihood of overtraining any area, and especially to avoid injury.  You will find bumper plates, rubber flooring, and balls that you can throw around.  We encourage throwing weight (toward the ground, and not each other of course)!

2.  Training Services

What you get with a traditional membership is access to the facility.  If you want training, group training, or specific programming, you will end up paying extra.  By the time you pay for training, your membership would far exceed a CrossFit membership and would make your membership seem like chump change! 

In addition to personal training or group training, there are classes that may be additional such as spin or aerobics.  These classes may be great for you, and you may fit a couple in during a week to boost your regimen.  But, there is a huge difference between exercising and training.

At CrossFit gyms, we train.  Training services — in regards to programming and technique instruction— are included in the cost of the membership. 

It is important to find a good coach that you connect with.  Coaches vary in their methodology or strategies.  Some coaches, albeit very few, push hard and fast with a lot of intensity and yelling.  In our opinion, good coaches focus first on the fundamentals such as technique before requiring too much of you.  If you are new, you want to find a coach that will help take you from where you are to where you want to be.

As a fairly new CrossFitter, I can tell you that this is okay.  There are days where I lifted a PVC pipe and felt like a total weenie, but by the end of the hour, I couldn’t lift said PVC pipe!  I got a great workout with about 6 ounces of weight!

3.  Programming

If you are the type of person who is motivated to create a training program, push yourself, and monitor your results, then more power to you!  I am definitely not that person.  Even when I’m at a traditional gym,  I find myself moving at an easy pace and could end up checking Facebook mindlessly for 5 minutes!  In 5 minutes of a CrossFit workout, I achieve more than I do in 30 minutes to an hour on my own!

One of the major reasons so many people don’t show up at gyms in the first place is because they don’t know what to do when they get to the gym.  With CrossFit, it is likely that you won’t know all the movements, but there will be somebody there to walk you through every step.  There is no need to feel embarrassed or intimidated.  That’s what coaches do — they love to teach and train.  At the end of the day, their joy is arrived from seeing you learn something and get results.

A typical workout will include a warm-up, followed by a strength training or technique portion with instruction and supervision, and then there is a WOD.  

One of the facets of CrossFit that makes it so powerful is the structure.  We find that the framework
and methodology, combined with the fact that athletes never know what’s coming next which causes them to push themselves past what they would normally do, makes them WANT to show up!

4.  Atmosphere

When olympic lifting gyms were gaining steam in the 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s, they were a stripped down version of what you see now.  There were racks and a lot of weights.  You could hear the clanging and dropping of weights and there were no treadmills or ellipticals.  If you wanted to run, you went outside.  

Modern gyms are designed to feel more like an upscale bar or a club than a gym.  They are designed to feel inviting, and not intimidating.  And, you know what, this is awesome for most people.  If this gets people off the couch, away from the TV, and moving, then this is awesome!  

CrossFit gyms have a much stronger resemblance to the original olympic lifting gyms than modern gyms.  You will find bars, racks, and bumper plates.  You’ll swing kettle bells, climb ropes, jump on boxes, and throw balls.  In fact, you’ll do a bunch of stuff that is frowned upon at traditional gyms or get you some sort of nasty label.  

CrossFit gyms are a communitarian experience, meaning that athletes work together and interact which each other throughout the class, which provides motivation, support, and leads to the formation of relationships.  This brings us to the idea of community.

5.  Community

Community is the largest separating factor between a traditional gym and a CrossFit gym.  It’s an intangible benefit that, at least in my opinion, is worth way more than your membership.

At a traditional gym, 95% of people work out in isolation.  When I am at a traditional gym, I am one of these people.  I rarely go with a partner, and my headphones are glued on my head.  I can get away without taking to one single person when I walk in.  I can scan a card, walk in, sit down, workout and leave.  

I trained this way for so long.  I did strength training, but nobody was there pushing me.  I paid for a personal trainer once, but I found it boring.  I did group training a couple of times, but I didn’t feel like the trainer really cared all that much.  The group was all over the place doing different things.  We weren’t participating in the same activities.  I’ve tried spin classes and yoga classes.  These are great, but you’re not usually making friends.  Most people walk in at the last minute, do their thing, pick up their mat, and leave!

There is very little community at a traditional gym, even in class formats.  I might see people in a gym that I know, but that isn’t ground for building a community.  Going to the same gym and training together are two completely separate concepts.

Since starting CrossFit, I have seen first hand how the concept of training together creates community.  When you are generally doing the same thing, you are there to motivate and cheer each other on to finish.  It doesn’t matter if you got your PR, which is somebody else’s warm up weight.  They cheer you on like you won a gold at the olympics.  When you are the last person on the rower, there are 9 people standing around you huffing and puffing cheering you on the best they can so you’ll finish.  They will stay after the class is over if you aren’t done to cheer you on.  It’s a great experience.

You also start seeing the same people at your classes since you will likely go at specific times that fit with your schedule.  You start developing friendships with people in those classes.  You come early and stay late to chat.

The community aspect of CrossFit gets people excited to go to the gym to see each other and work out.  It pushes each other to do better.  You want to be healthier.  You want to keep up with the group so you can train as hard as you can with your friends, so you start eating better.  You share in hard workouts, and the fact that you finished it together draws you closer together.  

People post about what they did at CrossFit that day because they shared in something with their friends that they want YOU to be a part of.  Most of the time, it’s not about them.  It’s about wanting others to experience the thrill that is CrossFit.


So, I have a question for you:  Are CrossFits really that expensive?  CrossFit affiliates definitely aren’t cheap, but are they worth it?  Would CrossFit give you more value than the $125+ membership cost.  

Sure, you can get a gym membership for $20 per month, but will you get the same benefits from it as you will from being a part of a community that gives 100% to train together?  I can tell you, in my own experience, that my results through CrossFit far exceed my results I get on my own.  And the benefits I receive far exceed the cost of membership.  

Test Flight and Flight School

If you want to try out CrossFit for yourself, we make it super easy.  We offer a Test Flight class every Saturday at 9:15 am.  Simply email Christine Prohaska, owner and head trainer, to RSVP.  Each Saturday, we have a team WOD that is a fun way for you to try it out.  You don’t need to know any movements, technique, or really anything about CrossFit.  Just come as you are.  We’re there to help you through every step of the way!

If you are interested in giving CrossFit a go, or you are getting back into CrossFit, we have a program called Flight School every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 5:15 pm.  At Flight School, you will receive individual or small group training (depending on the number of attendees) that walks you through movements, technique, and terminology for six sessions over two weeks.  You will also have an opportunity to get to know the coaches and the members.  The cost of Flight School is only $39 (a $150 value).

Email us at kcicrossfitters@gmail.com to get started today!

What are your 2015 goals?

As things slow down during the holidays, we get a little extra time and headspace to think about what’s important in our lives, areas where we are excelling, and things we need to change or improve.

This week, as 2014 draws to a close, we have been focusing on setting our own goals for 2015, both personally and professionally.  

We aren’t making New Year’s resolutions, because resolutions fade away.  Some studies show that as little as 8% of resolutions are actually kept!

Goals are different.  Goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound.

We want to share with you our top two goals for 2015.

But first, it’s important that you know WHY we do what we do at KCI CrossFit.  

KCI CrossFit exists to add the most value to your life possible by helping you achieve your fitness, personal, and professional goals to take control of your life and live the life you want to live.  We are about life transformation.  

We love hearing your stores of how a simple, consistent habit such as CrossFit has improved your happiness, job, marriage, and relationships in addition to the fitness benefits.  It’s truly amazing the impact CrossFit can have outside of losing weight, gaining muscle, increasing endurance, or whatever your fitness goal may be.

Our first goal is to grow deeper.  We want to cultivate strong relationships with you, the KCI community, and to foster deep relationships among the members.  We truly are interested in seeing your life transformed and having your best year ever in 2015.  This will only be possible with the support of family and a strong community of friends.  We want to be that strong community of friends for you to help you achieve your goals and live your best life.

Our second goal is to expand.  We want to build KCI CrossFit to 150 members in 2015.  This is an increase this year of a little over 100 members, which is 100 more people who we can help reach their goals, transform their lives, and grow in relationship as members of this community!

Since our goals involve you as a member as a community, we hope that you would join us in our goals for 2015.  

Will you commit to developing deeper relationships and friendships with other members of the community in 2015?  

Will you commit to helping us grow the community by spreading the word about KCI and inviting your friends and family to participate in Test Flight or Flight School?

If everyone would commit to growing their relationships at KCI and bringing just three people this year, we can help make 2015 your best year, and the best year for over 100 more people!

We want to hear from you as well!  Please reply to this email with your 2015 goals.  We want to know your goals so we can help you achieve them.

We thank you for being apart of the KCI CrossFit community, and we look forward to making 2015 the best year yet TOGETHER!


Christine, Nick, and Lea