As a parent with a little one, we know you are striving to make the most of each day, and that putting yourself first, even for an hour 3x/week, is challenging.  But exercise releases stress and will give you focus to handle other stressors throughout the day. The Fit for Me program is designed to help you!

Fit for Me is for YOU if: 

  • You recently had a baby
  • You are caring for a small child at home
  • You have taken a break from fitness since being pregnant or recently having a child
  • You’ve struggled to find any time to work out because of the demands of being a parent
  • You’re a new parent and have never been into fitness but would really like to get something going!


“Fit for Me” begins Monday, March 23rd with a free OPEN HOUSE workout and will meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 8 weeks from 10-11am at KCI CrossFit. The program cost is $225 + tax.

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The Fit for Me class is baby/kid friendly and relaxed environment provides space for your little one to hang out right next to you while you work out! The workouts are led by coaches who are also parents, and we know the challenges you are facing!  The workouts range from 30-45 minutes long, which allows you flexible time to arrive and get set up. Feel free to bring a stroller or pack and play or whatever accommodations you might need to make your workout a success! If baby is hungry – you’re there to feed him. If she needs to be held – you can do that during your workout too! 

Come check out our OPEN HOUSE WORKOUT on Monday, March 23rd from 10-11am. You can try the workout for free and see if you like it! 

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Q: Is this a postpartum class for women? 

A: This is a class for any parent with a small child or baby. The class is focused on mindset, camaraderie, conditioning and strength. 

Q: Do I have to bring my kid to class? 

A: This class is geared towards moms and dads who need to bring their kids to class with them. However, if grandmas in town watching baby for a day or two, feel free to attend your session kid-free!

Q: Is this a daycare for my kid while I workout? 

A: There is space for you to set up little one in a stroller or pack and play. There is not a separate person on-site to watch your child(ren). 

Q: How old can my kid/s be to come with me? 

A: Most kids that attend “Fit for Me” with their parent will be under school-age. 


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