How to stay on track through the holidays

The time between Thanksgiving and New Years….
Is it a “black hole” for your health and wellness? Or could it be a great opportunity to make significant changes?
Does this conversation sound familiar?
“I’m not going to be able to workout – I’m travelling too much. I have so many parties, there is no way I can eat healthy! I’ll just hit the pause button, and pick back up in January. No worries. I’ve done it before, it will work for me again.”
This is the most challenging time of year to focus on ourselves, no doubt. But that doesn’t mean we just give up! As challenging as this time of year is, I firmly believe we can establish and nurture healthy habits and not “fall off the wagon” completely. And we’ve got you covered!
Here’s the plan on how you will make the most of the next 5 weeks:
1) Be ready to workout on the road or at home if you can’t make it to the gym.  Here are 5 of our favorite travel/at-home workouts right now. No equipment needed!
2) Implement and track a couple healthy habits you want to improve. You may not be able to escape the travel or eat perfectly, but there are definitely areas you can focus on and make improvements!
These need to be measurable. Things such as:
  • How many meals per day do you eat vegetables?
  • Read a book daily
  • How many soda’s do you drink per day?
  • How much social media time per day?
  • What time do you go to bed?
  • How many times do you hit snooze in the morning?
You can use this Habit Tracker to input the data, hold yourself accountable, and track your progress. Some numbers you want to go up, others you’d like to see go down. Simply tracking the quantity is the easiest way to make changes in either direction! (I’m passionate about habits – so if you want help implementing the tracker – text me!)
There you go. Here’s your holiday plan. Focus on metrics you can control and execute! Come January, you’ll be thankful you did!
For a better tomorrow,

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