Member Highlight: Krysten Jury

Krysten and her husband Ron have been members at KCI for 3 1/2 years. In that time, Krysten has given birth to 2 boys and continues to make CrossFit a top priority in her life. Her and Ron have changed schedules & made sacrifices so that they can continue to life a healthy and fit lifestyle! Truly the KCI CrossFit #GratitudeAndGrit lifestyle!



You and your husband both attend classes at KCI, at different times of the day.  What’s the typical conversation between the two of you about fitness or working out?  Are you competitive with each other about workouts?  

Ron is a unicorn.  I can’t say enough good things about him making the switch to the early mornings.  It allows us both to get the workouts in. We both believe working out is an important aspect; we feel good, look good, and have more self-confidence.  Most importantly we make the time to get it done while figuring the balance of our boys and our relationship. We want to be good examples for them when it comes to their overall health and when they begin their own fitness journey. Yes, Ron and I are competitive with one another about the workouts but also very proud of each other.  We both have our strengths and weaknesses in CrossFit. We have areas we talk about improving and then others we just want to maintain. I wish I had his kip! We like working out together when we can, and we like pushing each other. We usually discuss the workout over a quick cup of coffee and he gives me a few pointers since the 5:15 A.M. crew is the first out of the gate!           

You came to classes throughout both pregnancies.  Detail your training experiences during pregnancy and postpartum.  

When I say I love CrossFit because every movement can be modified, pregnancy is why.  I was able to keep getting in good effective workouts with the right modifications being made.  The coaches played a big role in helping me figure out what those modifications needed to be. I always felt welcomed to come workout while pregnant, by the members and coaching staff.  That was the big motivator to keep moving the further along I got with both. By continuing to attend workouts regularly, it allowed for me to come back as soon as I did.           

I definitely don’t think my recoveries would have been as smooth if it wasn’t for CrossFit.  I found it relatively easy to get back in the swing of things. My body was ready to move again about three to four weeks postpartum.  So I kept modifying and scaling down to what was appropriate while my body fully recovered. It allowed for a safe transition back into the “normal” WOD standards.         

What motivates and or inspires you?  

I like being physically capable in life.  Ron likes that I can help with heavy lifting around the house when needed.  I would like to remain that way as I get older & CrossFit provides me with that.  I have a few family members who have become weak as they have gotten older because they didn’t exercise for years and now trying to build up muscle and bone density.  My goal is to be ahead of the game. I feel like I look at it differently, but I’m thirty. That number is just going to keep going up. The older years I want to enjoy without having physical limitations, if that makes sense. With also being thirty, I do still enjoy the motivation to get the top score on the whiteboard and collapsing after a hard workout.  I don’t think I will ever outgrow my competitive spirit.    



How do you describe CrossFit to friends and family? 

I often describe CrossFit as functional fitness program anyone can do with an added bonus of being a great community and support system.  What I love most is that every movement can be modified to different fitness and skill levels. Before I ever started CrossFit I was probably the biggest critic.  Now, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. The feedback I usually receive is that people are nervous to try CrossFit because they don’t know how to do any of the movements, lift weights, etc.  We all had our first day!    

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