Daily Brief 5/15

Is this the last Daily Brief? If you’ve found value in the Daily Brief, I’d love your feedback!
Friday 5/15
Re-opening KCI
Group Classes begin today at KCI!
Please remember to reserve your class!
T-shirt Pre-Order!  
We are running a quick t-shirt presale and the details are in the Member’s Forum. Orders need to be placed by end of day Friday! Hurry over to Facebook to check out the design and pre-order!
At-Home Workouts: 
At home workout programming will continue for the foreseeable future. You will see both the at home workout and group workout programmed in Zen Planner
Daily Fitness Challenge: 
How long can you go without checking your phone? One thing that has been hard for me during this quarantine is my increased screen time. I’m ready to reverse that trend and maybe you are too! All those notifications, tik toks, snaps, and cat videos release dopamine which creates the urge to keep going back for more and more. Here’s your challenge. Set it down. In the other room. For as long as possible. And even better – this weekend – do it again! See how long you can go tech-free on Saturday or Sunday.
Inspiration & Action: 

Solution to the world’s greatest problem..

How to apply this principle today:  CF HQ posted this video yesterday and it will resonate with the majority of us. CrossFit founder Greg Glassman is known for a lot of things; he’s bold, educated, and doesn’t mince words. The CrossFit methodology (workouts, nutrition, mindset) is designed for long term health & fitness. We do CrossFit to look better in the mirror, but there is something way deeper and far more important at stake. We are proud to be a CrossFit Affiliate and believe that CrossFit is designed for everyone. Watch the video today. You are a CrossFitter. Be an example and encouragement to someone close to you.
Whiteboard Sessions: 
NEW: Gratitude & Grit Ep. 24: 6 Life Lessons We Practice in the Gym
If you’ve found value in the Daily Brief, I’d love your feedback!
Make today awesome!
Nick Prohaska
KCI CrossFit

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