Daily Brief 5/11

This could be the best Monday you’ve had in a long time!
Re-opening KCI
Our plan is to re-open group classes on May 15th! Stay tuned for the details!
Zoom Workouts:
6:00am CrossFit
3:00pm KCI Kids
4:00pm CrossFit
Zoom Meeting ID
Zoom Password: 21159
Daily Fitness Challenge:
Never miss a Monday workout. Get your workout today. No excuses!
Inspiration & Action:
“Go plunge into the health-giving, joy-inspiring waves of yonder ocean while summer lasts; take a cold shower in winter; walk long distances if you have time, swing dumbbells if you have not. Cold water, vigorous exercise, hard study…are the conditions of moral, mental and bodily health.” – Walt Whitman
How to apply this principle in 5 minutes today: Walt Whitman speaks my language! This quote could be a motto for my life! Let’s just apply one of the 3 principles he challenges us with..while we don’t have access to an ocean, we all have access to a shower. I challenge you to take a cold shower today! (And everyone collectively groaned and laughed!) Groan and laugh all you want, but science is pretty darn clear on the benefits of a cold shower. Here, if you don’t think you could possibly tolerate a cold shower – just spend 5 minutes researching some scientific studies on cold showers. Here’s your first article to read. Free O2 drink to the first 10 people to report they took a cold shower!
Whiteboard Sessions: 
  • Nutrition Accountability w/ Jordyn. This week is the final week for free nutrition accountability check in’s, so make sure to schedule yours!

  • Gratitude & Grit Podcast:  NEW EPISODE! Ep 23: Getting Ready for MURPH!
Make today awesome!
Nick Prohaska
KCI CrossFit

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