Daily Brief 4/30



KCI Daily Brief 

What’s happening “at” KCI CrossFit: Thursday, 4/30:
Re-opening KCI
We are preparing a plan to re-open KCI when KCMO lifts the restrictions in place, currently scheduled for May 15th. We really want to hear from you so we can execute the best plan possible! Please take 5 minutes and fill out the SURVEY for us!
Zoom Workouts: 
6:30am: Breath Clinic w/ Nick
7:30am: Co-Ed Coffee Social
4:00pm: Mobility w/ Christine
8:30pm: Ladies Social Hour
Zoom Meeting ID
Zoom Password: 21159
Daily Fitness Challenge: 
Stretch for 10-20 minutes in the evening. Have fun with it; get your spouse involved or stretch with the kids! Use this as a time to decompress from your day. Practice slow deep breaths!
Inspiration & Action: 

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration. The rest of us just get up and go to work.” — Stephen King

How to apply this principle today in 5 minutes: Harsh words from Stephen King! They kind of sting don’t’ they? He’s calling us out. Waiting for inspiration to start “eating better” or working out or anything else? Yeah – I’d be willing to bet most of us are waiting to “get inspired.” Today, write down your excuses. What are you putting off? What do you need to just get up and get to work on? Write it down. Share it with someone who will hold you accountable. 

Define & Achieve Your Goals – NEW WHITEBOARD SESSION!
Sand Volleyball Registration! 
The Sandbox is planning on starting league play on May 17th. Who wants to sign up for a KCI “recreational” team on Sunday nights?! Let’s get our team together by May 1st! Contact Nick ASAP if you’re interested
The tools you need to succeed! 
  • Nutrition Accountability w/ Jordyn. Stay on top of your game with some accountability coaching! Contact Jordyn or Nick to set up a 15 minute call!

  • At-Home To-Do Checklist:  UPDATED 4/26/20!

  • KCI Weekly Calendar:   UPDATED 4/26/20!! 

  • Daily Habit Tracker: 

  • Virtual Coaching & Accountability. Struggling to work out consistently? Not feeling like you’re getting intensity out of your workouts? Not sure what mobility you should be doing? Just ask – we’re here to help you succeed! This at-home life is hard, let us help make it a little easier!
  • Gratitude & Grit Podcast:  NEW EPISODE! Ep 22: Goal Setting & Accountability!
Live @ 5 on Facebook 
Every night at 5pm we go live on the KCI Member’s Forum to discuss tomorrow’s workout. Just like a traditional whiteboard session, we go over scaling and modifications and give you an opportunity to ask questions! Tune in 7 days a week!
Don’t forget to fill out the Re-Opening SURVEY for us!
Make today awesome!
Nick Prohaska
KCI CrossFit

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