Culture Month – Week 2 – Mindest

CrossFit Culture Mindset

Growing and developing a positive, antifragile, and growth mindset is an important aspect of the CrossFit Culture. 


At KCI, we share a similar mindset when it comes to some key aspects of health and wellness. 

  1. We define fitness as our ability to increase work capacity over broad time and modal domains. If you break that down, what we really mean is that we want to be able to succeed in life today, tomorrow, and every tomorrow after that. We don’t want to be held back because our health or fitness level won’t allow us to do something. 
  2. The greatest adaptation happens between our ears. We are changing our bodies in the gym, adapting to different stimuli and demands of our body. However, our greatest adaptation – the opportunity for growth and change – happens in our mind. We challenge things we “can’t” do. We change the way we think about food, sleep, recovery, stress, relationships, and more. We challenge our status quo. We begin to think differently and therefore act differently. 
  3. Grit is a mindset and something we practice. Each workout is an exercise in grit. We don’t give up, we try our hardest, we push ourselves past where we thought possible. 
  4. Gratitude is a mindset we practice. Gratitude means a lot of things; being thankful, not complaining, showing appreciation, helping and serving others, and a host of other behaviors. But our behaviors begin with a mindset. 


How to practice the CrossFit mindset inside the gym: 

  • Always do your best. Full range of motion, 100% of the reps, the right amount of intensity. 
  • Check your ego at the door. Come to the gym ready to learn, listen, participate, and grow. 
  • Don’t give up. Bad week/month/quarter, tweak or sprain, or whatever else? Giving up won’t get you anywhere. You can always come to the gym, modify workouts, stretch, ride a bike, anything. But you must keep showing up. 
  • Compare yourself to the yesterday version of you, not to someone else. 
  • Always be kind. 
  • Remember that your health and fitness is an investment, not an expense. You are investing in a quality of life for today and every tomorrow you are afforded. Invest regularly, and the dividends will be great!


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