Culture Month – Week 1 – Community

CrossFit Culture Community

What does Community mean to you? Or more importantly, WHY is being part of a community important? 


It’s critical to our survival, number one. If you break down human social structure, community is a common thread. But that isn’t really motivating is it? 


Being part of a community will produce results. 

-Your teams at work create successful projects. 

-Families thrive when there is support from many. 

-Nations become great when the majority share common values and behaviors. 


So what? Why does this matter in CrossFit? And what does it mean for you? 


It means your success depends, in part, on the health of the community. And the health of the community depends, in part, on you! 


Practically, what does that look like? What does Community mean within the context of KCI CrossFit? 

-The shared suffering of workouts brings us together. 

-We meet and engage with people in our class. It’s amazing what happens when you care for the other people around you! 

– Growth happens outside our comfort zone. Having a strong community fosters growth

– We welcome newcomers. The veterans know the power of CrossFit – and we are genuinely excited to share that with newcomers! 

– Lifelong friendships can be created and maintained. We share common interests and values – a great recipe for lifelong friendships! 

-Support in and out of the gym. CrossFit isn’t just one hour a day. Our coaches and members support each other more outside of the gym than inside! 


How to embrace Community at KCI: 

  • -Give someone a high five after every workout
  • -Cheer on people that are finishing their workout after you
  • -Get together with one person (or more) outside of the gym
  • -Meet with your coach to discuss your goals and action steps
  • -Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know in class
  • -Stay after class and engage someone in conversation

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