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Whether you live in the Kansas City Northland and want to try CrossFit for the first time or if you’re from out of town and want to drop in for a class or two, we look forward to meeting you!

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Drop In FAQs

What’s your drop-in policy/price?

If you are just passing through, we charge a drop in fee of $20 per class or offer 3 & 5 class punch passes for $54 & $81, respectively.

Want to purchase a shirt instead of pay the drop in? We can do that, but we ask you pay for the drop in first in case we don’t have the size or design you like. Some shirts cost more than $20, in which case we apply the cost difference to your card.

It’d be great if you can sign the waiver and pay for the drop in HERE.

You can find our class schedule Here.


Can I do my own thing during class?

Sorry, we strive to give our members the priority and attention during class hours. We have a couple open gym times throughout the week for people to do their own thing.

I just relocated/looking for a new gym and I’d like to check you out prior to joining.

If you are experienced CrossFitter, Weightlifter, or Strongman, we will give you a complimentary day. If you feel KCI CrossFit is the right gym for you, we’ll get you started on our On Ramp program. Please contact us at

Do I need to reserve a spot or contact anyone?

Please use the Schedule to “Enroll”. You will fill out your account information, provide payment, and sign the waiver. We do not turn anyone away. You can email or complete the “Contact Form” if you have any questions.