At-Home Workouts

Hey there! We hope this workouts can be a blessing to you! Below, you’ll see two workouts (A) and (B) for 7 days. Workout (A) uses minimal equipment – usually just a backpack filled with whatever you can shove in it! Workout (B) uses dumbbells or kettlebells. In either case, you can substitute whatever equipment you might have on hand.

Modify any movements you don’t feel comfortable with, or lower the amount of repetitions or weights you are using. It’s better to start light and then add weight or move faster to have a more intense workout!

Have fun!


Workout (A)

 3 rounds for time

-20 Backpack Deadlifts

-30 Air Squats 

-20 Push-Ups

-30 Sit-Ups 

-20 Backpack Bent Over Rows 

-Rest 1:00 between sets


Workout (B)

3 rounds for time

-20 DB Deadlifts 

-400m Run 

-10 DB Renegade Rows



Workout (A)

 EMOM 9 (every minute, on the minute, for 9 minutes)

-Minute 1:  :40 MAX Jump Rope or Mountain Climbers 

-Minute 2:  10 Backpack Front Rack Lunges 

-Minute 3:  14 Jump Squats w/ Backpack –

-2:00 Rest


AMRAP 3 (as many reps as possible in 3 minutes) 

-ME Burpees (Max Effort – as many as possible in 3 minutes!) 


Workout (B)

AMRAP 12 MINUTES (As Many Rounds/Reps as Possible)

-12 DB or KB Front Rack Lunges 

-10 Tuck Jumps 

-8 DB or KB Swings



Workout (A)

5 Sets

-:20 ME Distance Run 

-:40 Recovery Jog 

No Additional Rest between sets.

-Rest 2:00 


AMRAP 7 Minutes

-10 Backpack Ground to Overhead 

-10 Backpack Strict Press 

-100m Run (sub 50 Mt. Climbers)


Workout (B)

  4 rounds for time

-10 DB Push Press 

-10 DB Burpee 

-1:00 Run, Bike, Jump Rope or Mt Climbers

-Rest 1:00 between sets


Day 4

Workout (A)


-20 Russian Swing w/ Backpack 

-30 Mountain Climbers 

-10 Backpack Hang Snatch 

-15 Sit-Ups 

Every 2:00…perform 30 Skaters.


Workout (B)

EVERY 3:00 for 4 sets  

-2:00 Run, Bike, or Jump Rope 

-15 DB or KB Power Cleans 



Workout (A)

 EMOM 15  (Every Minute on the minute)

-Minute 1:  :45 Max Run, Bike, or Row for Distance or DU’s 

-Minute 2:  10 Backpack Devil’s Press 

-Minute 3:  20 Alt Reverse Backpack Lunges 


Workout (B)

4 rounds for time

-20 Push-Ups 

-20 Alt DB Snatch 

-25 DB Bent Over Rows



Workout (A)

Up-Down + Tuck JumpBackpack Push Press
Backpack Front Squat
(Score is Rounds + Reps)

Workout (B)

For time

-100m Run 

-10 HSPU (handstand push ups) 

-10 Box Jump Overs 24/20” (sub stair jumps or vertical jumps)

-200m Run 

-20 HSPU 

-20 Box Jump Overs 

-400m Run 

-30 HSPU 

-30 Box Jump Overs 

-600m Run 

-40 HSPU 

-40 Box Jump Overs 

-800m Run 

Athletes can substitute barbell, DB, KB or pike push ups for the HSPU.



Workout (A)

 2 rounds for time

-400m Run

-20 Backpack Up/Downs

-30 Backpack Front Squats

-400m Run

-20 Backpack Cleans

-20 Backpack Ground to Overhead

Workout (B)

2 rounds for time

-400m Run

-10 DB Deadlifts

-400m Run

-10 DB Power Cleans

-400m Run

-20 DB Snatches (10/arm) 



There you have it! Hopefully the terminology and abbreviations make sense to you 🙂 If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

Thank you!


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Travel WOD’s

Here’s a list of workouts you can do on the road or at home with minimal equipment!

3 rounds : Run 1/2 mile 50 air squats

10 rounds : 10 push-ups 10 sit ups 10 squats

For time : 200 air squats

“Susan” – 5 rounds Run 200m 10 squats 10 push ups

3 rounds for time : Sprint 200m 25 push ups

3 rounds for time : 10 Handstand push ups 200m run

Tabata – 4 minutes each exercise – 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds Squats Push ups

20 rounds for time : 5 push ups 5 squats 5 sit ups

For time : 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 sets of sit-ups 100 meter sprin

For time : “Invisible Fran” – 21-15-9 of: Air squats Push ups

6 rounds for time : 10 push ups 10 air squats 10 sit up

5 rounds for time : 3 vertical jumps 3 squats 3 long jumps

8 rounds for time : Handstand 30 seconds 10 squats

10 rounds for time : 10 push-ups 100M dash

5 rounds, each for time : 400M sprints

10 rounds, each for time : 100 m dash

For time : Run 1 mile, lunging 30 steps every 1 minute

5 rounds for time : Handstand 30 seconds 20 air squats

4 rounds, each for time : 25 jumping squats

4 rounds for time : 10 vertical jumps 10 push ups 10 sit ups

For time : 10 air squats every 1 minute of your 1 mile run

For time : 100 burpees

For time : Run 1 mile

10 rounds for time : 10 push-ups 10 squats 10 sit ups 10 rounds

5 rounds for time : 10 vertical jumps run 400 meters

For time : 100 air squats

5 rounds : Handstand 1 minute Hold bottom of the squat for 1 minute

10 rounds, for time : Sprint 100 meters Walk 100 meters

For time : 100 push ups

For time : 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Burpees Sit ups

3 rounds for time : 50 sit-ups 400 meter run or sprint or walk

10 rounds for time : 10 walking lunges 10 push-ups

For time : 50 split jumps

4 rounds for time : Handstand for 30 seconds or 5 handstand push ups 400 meter run

10 rounds for time : 10 burpees 100meter sprint

L Sit : “L” sit off the floor. 10 rounds of 10 seconds (if you can’t do it sit with your legs straight out and try to lift your heels of the ground for 10 seconds instead!!!)

4 rounds for time : run 400 meters 50 air squats

10 rounds : Handstand 30 seconds Squat hold 30 seconds

5 rounds for time : Ten vertical jumps ( jump as high as you can, land and do it again) 10 push-ups

20 rounds for time : 1 burpee 10 air squats

3 rounds for time : Run 1/2 mile 50 air squats

For time: Run 1 mile with 100 air squats at midpoint

7 round for time : 7 squats 7 burpees

For time : Run 1 mile, plus 50 squats

Handstand practice : 25 tries at free handstands, then a 1 mile run at 80%.

5 rounds, each for time : 50 air squats x 5. Rest equal amounts as it took to do each 50

Run 1 mile and do 10 push-ups every 1 minute

8 rounds for time : Sprint 100m 30 squats

3 rounds, for time : 30 push ups 30 second handstand or Plebs Plank

10 rounds for time : 10 sit ups 10 burpees

10 rounds: Handstand hold, 30 seconds, Squat hold 30 seconds

For time : 250 jumping jacks

For time : 100 jumping jacks 75 air squats 50 push ups 25 burpees

5 rounds : 30 second handstand against a wall 30 second static hold at the bottom of the squat

5 rounds for time : 10 air squats with eyes closed open eyes 10 push ups eyes closed

5 rounds : Run 1 minute Squat 1 minute

5 rounds for time : 10 push-ups 10 hollow rocks Run 200 meters

4 rounds for time : 20 sit ups with support under the lumbar spine 20 push ups Run 400m

8 rounds : Handstands, 30 second hold 30 second static squat 30 second rest

10 rounds for time : Sprint 50 meters 10 push ups

4 rounds : 50 air squats rest for 2 minutes between rounds

3 rounds : 20 tuck jumps 30 second handstands

3 rounds for time : 400m run/sprint 30 air squats

3 rounds for time : 20 jumping jacks 20 burpees 20 air squats

10 rounds: 50 meter sprint

Tabata – 4 minutes at each exercise – 20 seconds on 10 second rest for 8 rounds of: Tuck jumps & Sit ups

3 rounds for time : Run 400m Air squat 30 hand stand 30 seconds

5 rounds for time : 30 second handstand 60 second squat hold ( at the bottom of the squat)

3 rounds for time : Run 200 meters 50 squats

3 rounds for time : 20 Air squats 20 Burpees 20 Push-Ups

For time : 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Air squat Push up

5 rounds for time : 100M dash 10 air squats Rest 2 minutes between rounds

For time : 1 mile run 20 lunges at every minute

5 rounds : run 200 meters 20 air squats

20 rounds : 1 burpee 10 air squats

21-15-9 : Push ups Hollow rocks Jump squats

For time : 50 push ups 50 squats 50 hollow rocks

For time : 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1: push up jumping squat

5 rounds for time : 30 second handstand 30 air squats

5 rounds for time : run 800 meters 30 squats 30 push-ups

5 rounds for time : 10 push ups 10 squats run 200 meters

10 rounds for time : 10 push ups 10 sit ups 10 squats

4 rounds for time : Run 400 meters 20 burpees

For time : 100 air squats 50 push ups 1 mile run

21-15-9 for time : Jump squats Handstand push ups

For time : 100 air squats 1 mile run

5 rounds for time : 20 squats 20 push-ups 20 sit ups

21-15-9 for time : Sit ups Push ups Air squats

10 Minute WOD: Run for 10 minutes stopping to do 20 air squats each minute

4 rounds for time : 20 pull ups 20 push ups

5 rounds for time : 5 handstand push ups 10 burpees

Is Boutique Fitness Right for Me?

If you’re ready for results it’s time to ditch the health club…

There was a time when we got all the exercise we require from our daily activities. But as hunting and gathering lead to farming and eventually the industrialized world we live in today the need for human “labor” has been nearly eradicated. Now that we work desk jobs, eat our meals from the hot bar at Whole Foods, and enjoy a generally sedentary lifestyle we are required to reintroduce this missing physical activity. For some reason, the question of how to add physical activity, or work, back into our lives is one that has proven to be puzzling, controversial, and difficult terrain to navigate.


In response to the demands of the market the fitness industry has grown tremendously, particularly in North America where an estimated $28 billion was spent in 2015. Much of this industry is dominated by health clubs and large gym franchises that offer a sampling of strength equipment, cardio machines, TV’s, massage chairs and minimal staffing. Granted  how many staff members do you need when your members don’t actually attend the club? In a study done by students at UC Berkeley found 67% of gym memberships are never used in the population they surveyed.


“If you are not going to the gym, you are actually the gym’s best customer.” -Stacey Vanek Smith, NPR


The savvy marketers at big box gyms know how to target their marketing towards individuals who won’t actually come to the facility. As humans we often get a rush of excitement by a new fitness undertaking. “This is it, the time I actually change, no looking back,” you say. The challenge is that the health club has made zero commitment to you. They don’t care if you show up or not. Luckily there is someone out there who does.


Boutique fitness is the alternative to the traditional health club model. Boutique gyms offer specialized classes based on the expertise of the owners, teachers, or coaches. CrossFit boxes, Barre studios, Bikram yoga, parkour facilities, spin classes  are all great examples of the boutique fitness model.


These communities succeed when the all parts are working together; the owner, staff, and clientele all succeed when they each meet their goals. This synergistic effect leads to faster results and more satisfaction from all parties. As a client you have a team of coaches and fellow members who are all rooting for you, teaching you, and most importantly holding you accountable. Becoming fit doesn’t have to be a chore, a challenge, or a pain point. In fact, it can even be fun 😉


Boutique gyms have been seen rapid growth in the past decade as clients recognize that when it comes to fitness, not all gyms are created equal. Some of the most common excuses sound like:

  • “I have a hard time sticking to a routine”
  • “I’m just too busy to exercise”
  • “I get bored with going to the gym, it always feels like work”
  • “I don’t know how to lift weights/choose a routine/eat the right food”


These are great excuses, but since you’re ready to make a change it’s time to ditch the excuses and focus on RESULTS. By implementing a system that counters your excuses you’ll be left with the only option, the results that you want to achieve.


If you struggle with sticking to a routine you will benefit from the coaches, friends, and community members that you’ll meet at each class. A group of people that will ask you about your day, learn about your goals and life, and most importantly encourage you to show up consistently to your workouts.


If you claim to be too busy then you should sign up for classes ahead of time. The wide variety of classes that are available each day at time frames that are consistent with your schedule make it easy to squeeze in an hour long workout.


If boredom is your challenge then a workout that changes every day is exactly what you need. Not only that but the different coaching styles and friends you’ll make at different times of the day make each class a totally unique experience.


If information is the enemy then relax, because that’s already been taken care of for you. Your coach has put a lot of thought into a training program that will improve your fitness and will be by your side to instruct you on form, breathing, and what weights to use. Keep an eye out for group nutrition challenges to boot!


To get the results you want sometimes you need to try a new approach. If that trip to the gym feels more daunting than Frodo walking the ring to Mordor then it’s time to see what a boutique gym has in store for you!

Flight School – Keep The Momentum Going

The next steps in your fitness journey are equally as important as the first steps in Flight School!  We want to outline how to move towards your health and fitness goals and how to integrate CrossFit into your lifestyle!  Here are the most important things you can do next:

1) Regular Attendance.  Creating the habit of coming to the gym is arguably the most important thing you can do.  So much of your progress and results are reliant on a regular workout routine.  So, if you have a busy schedule, we encourage you to create the space for CrossFit at least 3 days per week.  Four or five classes each week would be ideal, but if you can only start with 3, we recommend putting your class times on your calendar and sticking to it!  Creating this habit and building this discipline will pay dividends in the future! 

2) Get Connected!  The community at KCI is first-class and has so much to offer!  Make it a point to meet one new person each class for the next 30 days and see where the conversation leads!  Even if you’re not trying to meet a new best friend, getting to know the people you are sweating alongside creates an amazing energy within the gym and will lift you up.  If you’re more extroverted, connect with a few people on social media or get to know them outside of the gym! 

Those are arguably the two most important parts of getting started at KCI, but there are more!  We’ll check back in a week and give you a few more keys to success! 

I hope you are excited to continue with your CrossFit training at KCI CrossFit!  We look forward to working alongside you in your heath and fitness journey! 

Thank you CGSC & SAMS

Every year, KCI is honored to welcome students participating in a rigorous graduate program in Ft. Leavenworth, KS.

The student body is small but diverse and comprises members of each of the US armed forces, various US government agencies, and allied military forces.

These students and their families are invaluable to the KCI community.

The 2018 graduates have left their mark with a plaque dedicated to all former, present and future officers.

“Always the best 60 minutes of our day. Thank you for the special memories with this amazing community!”

-The 2018 Crew

Thank you CGSC and SAMS athletes! You all hold a special place in the KCI CrossFit family.

Kate F.

Joe D.

Blair D.

Dylan B.

Shelley B.

David P.

Matt M.

Pam B.

Ray R.

Michael C.

Whitney C.

Jose R.

Kenny T.

Jen F.

Alicia S.

Corey S.

Becca S.

Andy M.

Adriane M.

Joe V.

Matt R.

David G.

Jon R.

Emily R.

Monday, October 30th “Night of the Living Deadlift” WOD


3 rounds

-30 DU


-ME Deadlift

Rest 2 minutes



3 rounds

-30 DU


-ME Deadlift (heavier)

Rest 2 minutes



3 rounds

-30 DU


-ME Deadlift (heaviest)

Score is total pounds lifted over the course of three rounds.


Sub 45 Singles; 6 Burpees



Sub 30 Singles; 6 Burpees

Monday, May 29th – Memorial Day MURPH

Today we honor the men and women who have served and given their life in the service of our country.  Please join us at 9:15am for class.  Note that there will be modifications or team options for beginners.  We will grill and chill post workout!  BYOS!!!


-1 mile run

-100 Pull ups

-200 Push ups

-300 Squats

-1 mile run

In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.

This workout was one of Mike’s favorites and he’d named it “Body Armor”. From here on it will be referred to as “Murph” in honor of the focused warrior and great American who wanted nothing more in life than to serve this great country and the beautiful people who make it what it is.

Break up the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you’ve got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.


Partner MURPH

Complete all required work with a partner (or two)

Discuss with Coach if you can both run the mile(s)


Stroller MURPH

Parents with babies can complete the following:

800m jog/walk

-Some variation of Murph (“Cindy”)

Discuss with Coach what is appropriate based on the individual’s needs

Finish with 800m jog/walk

How to Change Your Quality of Sleep

How many times have you heard, “You need to get 8 hours of sleep” and laughed out loud.  Kids. Work. Dogs. Life.  Eight hours of sleep just doesn’t happen for the majority of us, and that’s the way it is right now.  I’ve come to terms with that, and you probably have too.  

What I’ve been doing instead is really trying to maximize the sleep I am getting.  If I can’t get the QUANTITY I want, I’m going to get the best QUALITY sleep possible!  

Here are some things you should implement to create the best quality sleep possible:

1) Cold shower before bed.  This has been a recent addition to my routine and has made a huge difference.  It sounds counter intuitive, but a cold shower will activate the parasympathetic nervous system which helps bring you down.  Start with 20-30 seconds as cold as you can tolerate after your normal temperature shower.  After a week or two you’ll be able to sustain the cold shower longer.  I’m currently at about 3 minutes and feel great.  Research backs this up.  Try it! 

2) Sleeping positions.  Seems crazy you say?  Certain sleeping positions are better than others for quality of sleep.  But more importantly, certain positions will make you sore and stiff in the morning, and throughout your entire day actually.  Do you have a stiff elbow?  Sore shoulder or neck? Hips or back seem out of alignment?  Take a quick look at how you sleep and see how the positions can impact those body parts!  

3) Magnesium.  I feel like I fall asleep faster and sleep well with a regular magnesium supplement before bed. Check for yourself, but it has helped me. 

4)  The Device.  You know what I’m talking about – and it has to be put down.  Put the phone down 30 minutes before going to bed.  This is hard, but it will help you fall asleep faster.  Look up the current research, and you’ll see that it all points in this direction.  Put the device away.  

5) The TV.  See above.  I’m serious, you’ve got to turn the TV off too.  Even better yet [and you can call me crazy], take the TV out of your bedroom.  I’m actually serious.  Again, look at the research if you need to, but the TV in the bedroom isn’t a good idea for a variety of reasons. 

6) Read a book instead of scrolling your phone or binge watching a show.  Actual paper – not a kindle or iPad! 

A word to the wise – if you are struggling with quality sleep and want to try all of these recommendations right away:  only pick one or two.  Make them a habit for 3-4 weeks and if you’ve successfully changed your routine, then you can start adding the others.  Don’t overdue it by trying all 6 tonight.  You won’t be able to sustain the change.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint, so make one sustainable change at a time!  

If you want some accountability, I’m more than happy to help. 

Rest up, 

Nick Prohaska | Coach & Co-Owner | KCI CrossFit