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“We don’t rise to the level of our goals.  We fall to the level of our systems.” -James Clear

Do you ever wonder how some people achieve their goals and others don’t? More often that not, what separates those people are the systems they choose. Systems are habits.  Small habits.  Steps we take to move in the direction we want to go.  

Winners and losers have the same goals, don’t they?  Both basketball teams want to win the game.  Every Olympian wants to win the gold medal.  We all want to be healthy and fit.  What separates those who win or achieve that goal has less to do with focusing on the goal and everything to do with focusing on the systems; the habits, that will produce the outcome.  The basketball team doesn’t spend the whole game staring at the scoreboard and expect to win.  They execute plays.  The Olympian doesn’t stare at the finish line.  They focus on their running stride, their breathing, etc.  

We won’t lose weight and get in shape by simply wanting to eat better and exercise more.  We have to download the meal prep app.  We need to meal prep. We take our lunches to work.  We pack our gym bag and leave it in the car.  We set our alarm earlier.  These habits and dozens more are the keys to achieving the goal.  The goal is necessary, but not sufficient to ensure we succeed. 

If you focus on the right habits, the outcome will begin to take shape.  The outcomes we want are a lagging measure of the behaviors that precede them.  And those behaviors are largely driven by our habits.  

Negative habits are often automatic, and we don’t always think of them as “negative”, but if you analyze your habits, which ones move you towards your goals and which ones move you further away from them?  Do you have fast-food lunch every day at work because that’s what everyone else does?  Or do you bring your lunch with you, and use your lunch break wisely?  Do you watch an hour of TV every night, or do you spend time stretching, reading, or journaling?  

Take a few minutes right now and write down some habits that are moving you further away from your goals.  Identify these areas that you’ve let bad habits dictate your actions.  Then you can work on a plan to reverse the habits and move in the right direction.  Take 10 minutes right now! 

Building outcome-based habits versus identity-based habits. 

Compare these to statements:

“To lose 40 pounds in 6 months, I’ll go to the gym 5 days per week and follow a paleo meal plan.  Then I’ll be the person I want to be.”  

“Who is the type of person that can lose 40 pounds in 6 months? What are the habits of that type of person?”  

Which statement sounds more familiar?  Too often, it’s the first one.  The goal is set based on the outcome. “I want to lose 40 pounds in 6 months.”   However, we find those who are more successful at achieving results utilize the identity based habits, as in the second example.  If you can identify as “the type of person that is fit and healthy” then you can successfully build habits – systems – based around that identity.  “I will become the type of person that can lose 40 pounds in 6 months.” This has more power! Once you can identify the type of person you want to be, then you can identify the habits of that type of person and take action!

Here’s an example: 

“I’m the type of person that is disciplined.”  

3 Habits of Disciplined People:

1) I don’t hit the snooze button. 

2) I will make my bed right as I wake up. 

3) I will write down my top priorities of the day as I eat breakfast. 

Your turn.  Take a few minutes and write down two or three, “I’m the type of person that ________” statements.   And then, write down 3 habits of that type of person that you aren’t currently doing.  How can you implement these habits, based around the type of person that you want to be?  Now you have small habits that you can easily execute on that will begin to shape your desired outcome!  

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the power of habits.  Spend some time really diving into a couple Identity-based habits and see where that leads

Create small habits today!

-Nick Prohaska

Resolution Roundtable

How are you doing with your Resolutions? Many people struggle with consistency after 2-3 weeks, so if you’re slipping, it’s normal!

We’re ready to help you push through to the next level and make these resolutions actually stick!   

Resolution Roundtable is a small group meeting with a maximum of 5 people and a coach!  We will spend an hour digging into the habits and daily actions that will help you actually achieve your goals!

Join our first Roundtable from 6:30-7:30pm this Thursday the 24th!  If that time doesn’t work for you, we will be forming other Roundtables that will fit your schedule!

Text “RESOLUTION” to (816) 439-7007 to join a Roundtable!

Free and open to the public!

Seven Ways to Help Newcomers Feel Welcome

Happy New Year, KCI. This time of year you might start seeing some new faces in the gym and we are excited to show them what KCI CrossFit is all about. Here are a couple ways you can make someone feel welcomed!

1. Say hello. It can be scary going to a new place, period. Now imagine walking into a new place and the music is blaring, barbells are dropping and funny looking movements are being done. Intimidating, to say the least! So when you see a new face at the gym, say hello, introduce yourself , and simply ask “Tell me about yourself.”

2. Offer help. Bathrooms, bands, barbells, PVC pipes, ab mats, you name it.  New people are overloaded with new things. So lend a hand and show them where everything is

3. Don’t coach. Don’t feel like you need to coach a newcomer. You don’t know their background, if they have any injuries, or how long they’ve been doing CrossFit. Offer encouragement and discussion, but allow your coach to coach them.

4. Partner up. Put yourself in their shoes. Having a workout or lifting buddy is way less intimidating as a beginner, so consider partnering with the newcomer. Maybe you can show them what really good technique looks like. And hey, it’s ok if you your workout isn’t drop-down intense today. Have some fun!

5. High fives abound. Fist bumps, high-fives, whatever. Make a point to find that athlete and congratulate them on a great workout. There’s no better way to encourage a new athlete to return than offering some praise and encouragement. 

6. Encourage them to return. Walking through the door was probably really hard for them. Help make their decision to return easier by encouraging them to come back. “Will I see you again tomorrow?” is a great way to start and will show them that KCI CrossFit isn’t like any other gym they’ve ever been to. 

7. Remember your first time. Regardless of how long you’ve been part of this community, everyone had their first day. Reflect on your first day/week/month and share some insight with them.

USAW L1 Certification @ KCI CrossFit

January 5th & 6th @ KCI CrossFit

The scope and sequence of this course includes the teaching progressions of the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and all associated movements. Participants will gain knowledge and experience of programming of training for both competitive weightlifters and for athletes using the weightlifting movements for strength and power development. The course includes theoretical classroom, and practical application over 2 days.

Registration cost $499

Sign Up HERE! 

For more information email Nick@kcicrossfit.com

The Holidays Are Coming. Make Your Health A Priority

The holidays are right around the corner, and for many this means vacations, parties, food, drink, and less sleep.  Health and fitness takes a back seat usually. Raise your hand if you’ve found yourself saying one of these;

“Well, I don’t want to start now because the holidays are coming and I won’t have time.”

“Eh, I’ll eat better when the holidays are over. I want to enjoy them.”

“Family is in town, so I can’t go to the gym this week.”

“I can’t start a gym membership because I have to save my money for holiday shopping.”

Or how about these:

“Oh I feel so bloated I ate too much.”  

“I’ll start from square one in January, again.”

“I put on my holiday weight, again”

This doesn’t have to be reality for you this year!  If you’re tired of the cycle, it’s time to get uncomfortable and make your health a priority during this season.  Holidays 2018 can be different! You CAN eat well through the holidays. You CAN go to the gym. Heck, you even CAN start a new fitness routine.  How, you may ask? Do you need superhuman strength to stay away from the sweets and holiday drinks? No, you just need to practice GRIT!

5 Ways to Take Care of Yourself Right Now

My first tip for you is to just start. Find a fitness program and get started. I can hear some of you saying; “But I won’t be able to go every day since my schedule is so busy.”  So what! Don’t expect yourself to go every day. Go as much as you can. Once or twice per week is fine! The important thing to realize is that you are starting small and gaining momentum.  Progress happens quickly once you get going! (Think of building a snowman; it starts small!) And once you realize that you enjoy working out, you will inherently start creating the time in your busy schedule to prioritize going to the gym.  So it doesn’t matter that you can only go twice a week right now – just go! By starting now, you are exercising your grit!

My second tip; don’t feel obligated to eat all of the treats offered to you.  Maybe you think you’ll feel bad for not eating your friends’ homemade pumpkin pie or the coworker’s famous sugar cookies. But if you don’t want it, you don’t want it. Be grateful they brought their treats and kindly decline.  And they will be fine! However, if you do want it, take a small serving and enjoy it. There is no sense in stressing out about it. The best part is, your body can burn it off quicker if you are working out regularly!

The third tip is to be prepared. If you know you are going to a holiday party and know you’ll be tempted to eat everything in sight;  eat something before you go. Eat a meal or snack with healthy fats and protein before heading to the party so that way you can still enjoy the party but aren’t so hungry you sample the entire buffet.  Family dinner and you usually stuff your face with a full plate of food? Use a smaller plate. Seriously! Fill it up and then don’t go back for a second helping. If you are prepared, you can succeed.  It just takes a little grit!

My fourth tip is to get accountable to someone.  Find a supportive friend or two that will commit to keeping healthy habits with you.  Strength in numbers! Get a FB group going and share best practices, struggles and encourage each other.  

Sometimes you just need to move; and it’s better to practice a good habit poorly, instead of skipping practice altogether.” — James Hobart

Tip number five is critical—don’t miss your workouts!  Yes, life is out of sync and maybe you can’t make your regular 4 or 5 classes per week.  But don’t skip a whole week (or more) just because you have relatives in town or you have an office party to attend.  One or two workouts in a week is better than zero! I promise, you won’t regret it! Plus, those accountability friends are probably at the gym – so that’s a double win!

The moral of the story; you are in control of your own destiny this holiday season.  You aren’t a victim of office parties and family gatherings. You are in the driver’s seat and with a little grit and creativity you can navigate this holiday season healthy, happy, and improving your health and fitness!  


Fulfillment – What It’s All About

“We are all pursuing fulfillment.” 

Aren’t we all striving for fulfillment?  In our jobs.  With our family.  And our own personal fulfillment.  If fulfillment is what it’s all about, what does it take to be fulfilled?  1) Define what fulfillment means to you in those areas.  2) What is required to be fulfilled in each of them?  Everyone’s definition will be different, but the requirements are same!

Sacrifice and Hard Work

We’re fulfilled parents because we sacrifice time, energy, sleep, money and love for our children- and parenting is ridiculously hard work.  

We’re fulfilled in our career when we work hard, learn new skills, and typically sacrifice 40 or more hours per week.  

We will be personally fulfilled when we work hard on improving ourselves and growing.  Becoming the best version of ourselves, so to speak. So what do each of us have to sacrifice to be fulfilled?  That’s up to us.   What seems to be constant is; sacrificing time, money, and energy. All three will be sacrificed in some capacity.  

How fulfilled do you want to be? 

And what is it going to require? 

And what’s the cost if you live an unfulfilled life? 

Hard questions to answer, for sure!  As for me, to be fulfilled at work and with my family, I must feel fulfilled personally.  I need to take care of myself to have the opportunity to care for others.  I spend the time in the gym I need to.  I prioritize my own nutrition.  I can’t make the impact I want to have without striving to be the best version of myself I can be.  Prioritizing personal fulfillment takes a back seat unless we are intentional with our decisions.  And it’s not easy, and I’m not perfect, but it’s too important to ignore! 

Maybe you feel the same?  

If you’re struggling to feel fulfilled and don’t know how to prioritize yourself, I’m happy to speak with you about your goals, and how you can develop your fulfillment. 

Nick Prohaska

KCI CrossFit

The “Fall Funk” – When You Just Aren’t Feeling It

In a slump.  Feeling unmotivated.  Uninspired.  Stuck in a rut.  Not making progress.   If any these ring a bell, you might be in a “Fall Funk.”  Keep reading..

The fall funk is quite common.  Things at work are “just ok.”  The kids are back in school and they have activities all the time.  You don’t have any time for yourself.  The fun summer vacation seems like an eternity ago and you aren’t really able to see a break until Thanksgiving or even Christmas.  And it’s only September; and way to early to think about Christmas!  Life is essentially “blah”. 

This carries over into the gym as well.  You had a great summer of training and lost some body fat, fit better into your summer clothes and made some gains!  But you aren’t feeling the excitement to get into the gym and give it 100%.  You haven’t made any fitness goals for the end of the year; because Christmas is coming up, and you know, that’s a reason to “cheat.”  

At some level, if you are feeling a hint of truth in those statements you could be dealing with some form of the Fall Funk.  The good news is that, now you’ve realized it!  Once you know where you are, you can make a plan to get out of it!  Here are 4 suggestions to hit the reset button and use this time of year to keep progressing! 

1) Remind yourself why you started. Too often we get bogged down in the “grind” or the rut and we forget why we are doing things. Why are we eating healthy? Why are you going to your kids’ soccer games? Why are you going to the gym? There are the superficial reasons, and then there is the real “why” behind everything we do. Take 15 minutes and write down why your fitness is important for you. Then, share that with a friend and talk about it for 15 minutes. You may surprise yourself at the recharge and perspective that can come from a simple 30 minute exercise.

2) Set a goal.  Eating habits, strength gains, learn a new skill, enter a competition, or anything else!   The actual goal might not matter in the long run, but the simple act of pursuing a goal to achieve before the end of the year can be very empowering and motivating.  Pick something that sounds fun, something that you are curious about, and go for it!  You’ll need someone to hold you accountable, so grab 2 friends that are on-board with your goal and hold each other to it! 

3)  Make an investment by spending more time or money on your health and fitness.  This is similar to buying stocks when the price is low.  Your motivation is low, and a great way to add value is to commit an extra investment into your fitness.  Maybe you can practice foam rolling and recovery every day.  Or maybe you can invest in a couple personal training sessions to improve your double-unders or muscle up.  Make the investment now and reap the rewards!  

4)  Phone a friend.  Call a friend and invite them to CrossFit!  You’ll be helping them by introducing them to your fitness community and it will help you re-ignite the fire and excitement for your own training! 

I hope that one of those ideas sparks a fire for you to push through your Fall Funk!  As always, if you’d like to talk with a coach and want some help creating a plan, let me know!

Nick Prohaska | 816-659-3076 | nick@kcicrossfit.com

10 Habits to Stop Having

KCI Community,  

I’m not sure about you but I’m a huge fan of podcasts.  They are a great way to learn new things, reinforce good habits, and deepen your expertise.  One of my regular podcasts is Chasing Excellence by Ben Bergeron.  He is a prolific CrossFit Coach and Affiliate Owner.  I think he has a lot of good knowledge to share, even if you don’t CrossFit. 

I encourage you to listen to a recent podcast of his regarding habits, and specifically habits to NOT do.  Whether or not you agree with all of his suggestions, you get a sense that he lives by a clear set of principles and guidelines.  Below are my notes I took while listening to the podcast (so the text below is my interpretation and not his words)  I encourage you to listen to the full podcast by clicking the link below and taking your own notes.

 Fitness Habits.  Fitness Goals. CrossFit. Healthy Habits. Health and fitness habits.  Health Goals.  Self Improvement. Fitness Coach. Personal Training. Life Coach. 


10 Habits You Should Stop Having: Ben Bergeron



Here are my notes: 

Don’t hit the snooze button.  By hitting snooze, you are procrastinating the very first task of the day: simply wake up.  What are the actual sleep benefits of 9 more minutes in bed?  Negligible.  Set the alarm for the time you actually want to wake up, and hold yourself accountable. 

Don’t get mad in traffic.  You can’t control it, so don’t let it make you angry.  

Don’t show up late.  Your time is just as valuable as everyone else’s, and showing up on time sends the message that you value others’ time as much as yours. (Always makes me think of Fast Times @ Ridgemont High…Spicoli) 

Don’t tolerate gossip.  Gossip erodes trustworthiness.  

Don’t watch the “news”.  Politics, Hollywood, social media, etc.  These are all forms of entertainment and their job is to grab and hold onto your attention.  There are far more productive things you can spend your time on than the “news”. 

Don’t pass judgement, don’t criticize.  Let’s not pretend that we have all the answers, because we don’t. 

Don’t eat and scroll (on your phone) if you’re with others.  If you are looking at your phone, you are sending the message that what’s on the phone is more important than the other person. 

Don’t look at email before lunch.  Put the most important things first.  Email (for many of us) can be a major distraction.   For heaven’s sake, don’t wake up and check email first thing. 

Don’t leave dishes in the sink.  Stay uncluttered and finish what you started.  

Don’t wait for perfect.  “Jump and grow wings on the way down.”  The first iPhone didn’t even have a calculator.  Just go and do it!



What is it?  A fun summer photo contest for KCI members

When is it?  June 4th-August 10th

How do I play?  Get creative and have some fun while you’re out and about in KC or on vacation this summer.

Take a picture of yourself with your KCI gear on and “tag” KCI CrossFit on social media. @kcicrossfit 

The best photos will be displayed in our member forum every Saturday and the members (YOU!) will vote on their favorite.

Weekly winners will be placed into a summer-end raffle, and five individuals will walk away with some sweet prizes!

What are the rules?  Only one photo per member, per week. Weekly votes for the best photos will be held on Saturdays. Voters will choose “best photo” based on any number of criteria: Location, creativity, people IN the photo with them, etc…

Summer-end raffle will be held on August 11th.

Questions?  Post here or talk to Nick Prohaska or I in person!

Good luck, KCI!   📷🌉🕌🏖