The Law of Diminishing Intent

What are you waiting for?

What are you putting off?

What makes you feel uncomfortable?

Jim Rohn coined the “Law of Diminishing Intent”

“Most people don’t act as quickly as they should on things. The longer you wait to do something you should do now, the greater the odds that you will never actually do it.”

Waiting increases the odds of never doing.
There’s a good chance that if you acted right now on one of those answers from above, you’d move closer to a goal, a lifestyle, or fulfillment.
Are you ready? Probably not. But do it now. Too big of a task to do right now? Take steps in the next 24 hours to accomplish it!
  1. Start today
  2. Stop listening to the negative voice in your head
  3. Seek to understand your “Why”
  4. Seek help

Start Today

There’s a good chance your putting off something big in your life. A career move. A fitness routine. Changing nutrition habits. You need to remember that everything in life takes a process, and sometimes a small step forward is all that it takes. So what small step can you take today? Maybe you’re going to set a calendar reminder every day for the next 90 days to do some particular task. Maybe you can open LinkedIn and just look through your contact list. Take a small step, but do something today. And then again tomorrow! Build some momentum by doing one small step each day.

Stop Listening to the Negative Voice in Your Head

Everyone’s negative voice is saying something different, but you have to learn how to tune it out! “You’ll fail.” “You’re not good enough.” “You’ve never been able to lose weight.” You have that voice – and it’s going to hold you back forever if you won’t control it. Start putting positive thoughts into your head. Write down 3 positive thoughts. Say them out loud 50 times every day. Use your commute or some quiet time. Replace the negative voice with your own voice – out loud – saying positive things!

Seek to Understand your “Why”

You need to really understand why you want something. You’ve got to dig under the surface and get to your core. Write down the thing you want to act on. Then, write down 4 lines underneath that. “This is important to be because ____” Each line should get you to a deeper understanding of why it’s important to you. If you don’t have a rock-solid “why”, you’ll never execute. It hurts, but its true. Discover clarity by asking yourself why!

Seek Help

You will not achieve your goal on your own. You just won’t. And that’s a good thing! Embrace it! You have the opportunity to ask someone to be part of what you want to achieve, and they will be excited! Find someone who is disciplined or someone who has done what you’re trying to do. Find a coach. Find a mentor. Find an industry expert. There are people just waiting to happily help you and all you have to do is ask! Write down 5 names, and then ask them for their help and support!
Remember, you won’t feel ready. It will feel awkward and uncomfortable. But once you start building momentum! Those feelings will turn to excitement, joy, and pride! You just have to get started. The Law of Diminishing Intent is a real thing – and now that you know it – you can (and will) overcome it!
Get after it!
Make it a great week!

Member Highlight: Tyler Smith

Tyler has been a member of KCI for nearly 5 years. He’s consistent, humble, coachable, and works hard. Tyler is the type of guy that will go out of his way to lend a hand and offer support. He has a family, a company to run, and juggles all the priorities that come along with that busy lifestyle. He’s got  the recipe for #GratitudeAndGrit and is striving to make tomorrow better than today.

You’ve recently committed to being IN the Committed Club, which is our club honoring members who have attended 15 or more classes each month. Why did you feel it was important to attend more classes?

For awhile now I’ve noticed the Committed Club and admired the hard work and commitment of the folks on that elusive list. But, I had convinced myself that I just didn’t have enough time to fit more classes into my weekly schedule. Fitness is something I value though. High blood pressure & diabetes run in my family so I want to do everything I can now to be as healthy as possible down the road. But, as I evaluated my priorities, I noticed that they didn’t quite align. So… I quit using the excuse that I didn’t have time and simply “made” time in my schedule. Now, it’s a habit.



You’ve described yourself as “old man strong.”  What does that mean to you? How does it make you feel to continue to improve your strength as you get older?  Does being strong physically carry over to any other areas of your life?

I’m no spring chicken. But… I’m stronger today than ever before. And… it’s not because of working out more than I previously did. CrossFit is simply a smarter way to workout. As a high school and collegiate athlete, I worked my tail off trying to get stronger. But, today, strength isn’t even a goal for me… it’s the bi-product of doing my best at each WOD. I love the challenge of a completely new workout each day that pushes me to my limits. It sets the tone for the rest of my day.


You are a father, husband and business owner, two roles that require a lot of your time.  How busy do you feel day-to-day? How do you prioritize your tasks? Specifically, why do you choose to prioritize your fitness as the first ‘task’ of your day?

Life is busy. It’s busy for all of us. And, I’m definitely not a morning person. But, what I’ve found is that by creating a morning routine that includes the gym I feel more energized for the remainder of the day. It’s helps me prepare to tackle the workday. Sure, there are days its hard and I don’t want to put in the work, but it’s having a clear goal that gets me up. I love the book Start With Why by Simon Sinek. And… knowing my WHY gives me the motivation on those hard days.




How do you describe CrossFit to friends and family?

I describe CrossFit as the most effective way to workout. Sure, it’s tough, and some days are really tough. But, every workout is completely scalable and the coaches modify the workout so that it is appropriate for each person’s fitness level. CrossFit is not just for super-fit athletes, CrossFit is for everyone who wants to be a healthier version of themselves.


















Get to know: Lindsey Partington

Get to know Lindsey! Christine and Lindsey sat down to talk about results, body changes, and mindset!


Q.  You are a recognized individual that has achieved “results” since you started CrossFit. Do you recognize and appreciate those results?Sometimes it is hard to remember how far I have come, so looking back at where I was and what I was doing a year ago is helpful. Keeping track of milestones in the journey has been a game changer for this reason. This has impacted my confidence significantly and has made me realize that it’s okay to celebrate results and recognize and be proud of yourself for what you’ve accomplished. 

Q.  What does it feel like to achieve certain milestones?
There was a time when I thought I would never be able to do certain things in a workout like pull-ups, double unders, or RX weights. Then when I started hitting these milestones, I thought, “Wait maybe I can actually get this”. It happens so gradual and when it does there’s a sense of pride that all the hard work is paying off. It teaches patience for sure though and to trust the process!
Q.  How do you manage your self-talk, attitude and behaviors when “results” or milestones don’t happen as often as they did in the beginning?
This is hard for me, my self-talk has not always been the best. The biggest thing that has helped this has been the community of KCI. Everyone is your cheerleader. The coaches have the perfect balance of challenging you to do more than you think you can, but encouraging you and cheering you on and helping you figure out the next baby step for a skill.
Q.  In addition to your involvement in the KCI CrossFit community, you’re also very dedicated and involved in your church community. What are the similarities between the two?
I have totally thought of this before, there is so much overlap. I think the community piece is the biggest one. When a group of individuals come together for a common goal, there’s something that unites you. We all have struggles and we all have celebrations, and having a community to share that with is what propels us all forward and keeps us going to unfold the best versions of ourselves.
Q.  What’s the benefit of having like-minded individuals gather together to talk, celebrate and/or share in suffering together?
Ha, I think I answered this one above. Also, I think that when you experience the same joys and trials as your friends, whether that be the joy of getting a PR or the trial of complaining about your hands being sore from pull-ups, it connects you to each other in a way that nothing else does. And when you feel connected to others, it makes life more enjoyable 🙂
Q.  Over the years, I have enjoyed working with female clients because they often come into CrossFit thinking they “can’t do” certain exercises like pull ups, rope climbs, or deadlift their body weight.  Changing their minds about what IS possible and helping increase their capacity is remarkable.  What would you say to other females about developing a “CAN DO” attitude?
I would say never underestimate what you and your body are capable of doing. Think about the journey and what your next step is instead of focusing on what is 10 steps ahead. If you make small progress, pretty soon a year goes by and you look back and can’t even realize how far you’ve come.
Q.  How does mental toughness fit into your daily routine outside the gym?  How do you, as a mother, instill grit with your children?
I’ve found it helpful to carry over things I’ve learned at CrossFit outside of the gym. For example, sometimes Coach will say “get one more rep in”!  It sounds silly, but at home when I am tired, I will challenge myself to do 5 more minutes of housework or play with the kids intentionally for a set period of time or I can read one more chapter in this book to expand my mind. It is so much a mental game and turning off that inner critic. As a mom of 3 daughters, I want to set a good example for them of what it looks like to work hard, practice self-care and live a healthy life. Challenging my girls to push themselves in what they do helps instill grit. I love bringing them to the gym where they can watch others set great examples. They are integrated into the community and witness their parents (and others) working out and supporting each other.
Q.  How do you describe CrossFit to your friends or family members?  
I usually describe CrossFit in several ways:
1. It’s probably not what you think it is 🙂 
2. Our coaches are amazing at scaling the workouts and not letting you do anything that you do not feel comfortable doing
3. The workouts change daily and that can really suit someone’s personality if they like variety!
4. The community is why I love it so much – it’s like family 
5.  In my life, it’s the only workout that I have ever been able to stick with it for a long period of time; I can’t believe it’s been 18 months already!