Thank you CGSC & SAMS

Every year, KCI is honored to welcome students participating in a rigorous graduate program in Ft. Leavenworth, KS.

The student body is small but diverse and comprises members of each of the US armed forces, various US government agencies, and allied military forces.

These students and their families are invaluable to the KCI community.

The 2018 graduates have left their mark with a plaque dedicated to all former, present and future officers.

“Always the best 60 minutes of our day. Thank you for the special memories with this amazing community!”

-The 2018 Crew

Thank you CGSC and SAMS athletes! You all hold a special place in the KCI CrossFit family.

Kate F.

Joe D.

Blair D.

Dylan B.

Shelley B.

David P.

Matt M.

Pam B.

Ray R.

Michael C.

Whitney C.

Jose R.

Kenny T.

Jen F.

Alicia S.

Corey S.

Becca S.

Andy M.

Adriane M.

Joe V.

Matt R.

David G.

Jon R.

Emily R.

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