What is it?  A fun summer photo contest for KCI members

When is it?  June 4th-August 10th

How do I play?  Get creative and have some fun while you’re out and about in KC or on vacation this summer.

Take a picture of yourself with your KCI gear on and “tag” KCI CrossFit on social media. @kcicrossfit 

The best photos will be displayed in our member forum every Saturday and the members (YOU!) will vote on their favorite.

Weekly winners will be placed into a summer-end raffle, and five individuals will walk away with some sweet prizes!

What are the rules?  Only one photo per member, per week. Weekly votes for the best photos will be held on Saturdays. Voters will choose “best photo” based on any number of criteria: Location, creativity, people IN the photo with them, etc…

Summer-end raffle will be held on August 11th.

Questions?  Post here or talk to Nick Prohaska or I in person!

Good luck, KCI!   📷🌉🕌🏖

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