Friday, December 22nd WOD

WOD:  For reps

Teams of four will work together to achieve max effort ‘sprint reps’ within four minutes.

Set two cones up 20m apart. Coach picks a well-balanced team of four athletes.

P1 will sprint 20m and tag P2, P2 will sprint 20m and tag P3, P3 will sprint 20m and tag P4. P4 will sprint and the cycle begins again.

This pattern continues for 4 total minutes and athletes must tag and count “reps”.

20m = 1 rep!


Midline EMOM 12

-Toes to bar

-GHD sit ups

-Back extensions

-Ab mat sit ups

-L-sit holds

-Plank holds


Athletes pick 3 skills. Rotate through each skill four times (12 minutes)

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